Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Pride and Predujice by Jane Austen - 986 Words

Jane Austen lived in the higher class society. It was the world she knew and as a very good observer, she was able to capture the reality of life on paper. The situations she is presenting in her books are very likely to happen in real life too. It is also the case of story of Lydia Bennet and her elopement with Mr Wickham. It was perceived as a disaster, but for the modern reader it can be rather incomprehensible. Why was Lydia’s elopement so scandalous? Kristen Koster is explaining why it was more difficult for couples to get married than before: in 1753 The Marriage Act, or the Hardwicke Act, was published. It was preventing couples from hasty and secret marriages, because it required the reading of the Banns – Banns were read every†¦show more content†¦It was highly unacceptable, because sexual actions were, especially for women from higher classes, meant for marriage only. The couple who was in this situation was publicly disgraced and so were their families – it indicated that the family was not consistent enough in discouraging its members from unsuitable actions and they were therefore corrupted too. In other words, it meant social disaster for the whole family. Mr Darcy learnt about the affair from devastated Elizabeth who just received the letter announcing her the bad news. Immediately after their meeting, Mr Darcy went to London and saved the family reputation. Because he knew about the corrupted character of Mr Wickham, he offered him some money: â€Å"His debts are to be paid, amounting, I believe, to considerably more than a thousand pounds, another thousand in addition to her own settled upon her, and his commission purchasedâ€Å" (Austen 179). It was enough for Wickham to marry Lydia and save the reputation of her and her family. Elizabeth Bennet did not know immediately that it was Darcy who intervened. However, the whole affair had an enormous effect on their relationship. Elizabeth Bennet had refused Mr Darcy when he had asked her to marry him. She was convinced that his was morally corrupted and arrogant man. But under the influence of subsequent events – explaining letter, visit to Pemberly – she started to change her opinions. She was not fully aware of her true feelings until sheShow MoreRelated With particular reference to the novel opening, how does Jane Austen1247 Words   |  5 Pagesreference to the novel opening, how does Jane Austen present the role of women in pride and prejudice? Pride and Predujice With particular reference to the novel opening, how does Jane Austen present the role of women in pride and prejudice? Pride and prejudice was first published in 1893, this was a time when it just became acceptable for women to write and publish books. Pride and prejudice was set in the early 19th century in rural England. Pride and Prejudice is the story of Mr and

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